Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Winter/Christmas Touches in the Porch

                                                                         Hello everyone,
                                             I hope your week is going well. Even though it has been milder
                                           then it used to be in November I am looking forward to getting
                                           the house decorated for the Christmas season so I made a few
                                           changes to the downstairs bath and  the porch/entry.
                                             The white iron garden bench and planter that where out in the
                                             garden for the summer got a cleaning and some new accessories.
                                         The tree looks real but it came from Homesense.  The greenery and
                                          winterberries are real and add some color.
                     Christmas music will be playing in here shortly to welcome you, as you come into our                              porch.

                                      The cupboard with the chicken wire doors was in the downstair bath
                                    with quilts etc. so now it holds some of my transferware.However, I am
                                    planning on putting in some village houses with lights.
                                              I love to decorate with skates in the winter.
                                              I love the feather wreath in the window.
                               So just a few little changes but it brightened up a gray November day.
                              If you would like to see the spring look for the porch go here
                              For a different look go here or for a French Style look check it out here
                              And then there was the garden theme look here as well.
                              My Mama always says "a change is as good as a rest".......maybe she taught
                              me too well!
     So far I have 164 sweet comments(plus a few email commenters) to enter the giveaway for                    my new book 'Country Christmas'.It is not too late to enter ~ you can
               go here to that post if you would like to leave a comment to be entered. I will send it                                anywhere in the world, through MagCloud.
                          I am excited about it as I love the Christmas season and enjoyed putting together my                                       favorite photos from around our home and garden in winter/Christmas.

                          Locally it will be available by Friday at The Confederation Centre Gift Shop
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                               Thank you so much for all your kind words and support!


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