Thursday, March 27, 2014

Milk Glass White Tablescape

                                                                Hello everyone,
                                I hope all of you that were affected by yesterday's Blizzard are
                                now plowed out and have had your power was
                                more like the old fashioned storms we used to get in winter...
                                but wait a minute this is spring!
                                  Oh well, it could be worse we could be getting more......
                                  but wait a minute~ did I hear another storm for Sunday?
                                  Do I sound bitter....yep ,I am a bit!
                                  Much as I love the four seasons~ I don't want them all to have
                                    Now, that I have vented let's enjoy the rest of the time
                                    together with tea and scones.

                                The tea cups are old and have the wheat pattern and the teapot
                                 with the bird on top came from Winner's a few years ago.
                                  The scone recipe came from Pink Piccadilly Pastries blog and if
                                  you have never visited Jina before you are in for a treat ~ she
                                  makes the most beautiful pastries. I could spend all day pinning
                                 from her beautiful pinterst boards as well.....great way to pass
                                 a stormy day!
                                     Beautiful milk glass pieces were loaned to me by my sweet
                                     friend Snow...just for you to enjoy!

Beautiful milk glass vases ~ thank you, Snow.

                                     I took this shot this morning after our generous snowfall. That
                                     pathway was compliments of my hard working husband.
                                                            Pretty isn't it??? Perfect for my white theme!

                                                        This is what our doorway looked like
                                                        after 35cm of snow and howling winds.

A touch of spring on my snowy window!

                                   I jokingly told me hubby that after he got the path shovelled
                                   out we should grab our suitcases and make a run for it!
                                   Florida we come.  Why am I whining ~ I am not
                                  the one out shoveling?
                                                    Our veranda this morning. Oh, to be Bella or
                                                    Madelief out enjoying spring blooms in their
                                                    lovely gardens already!

Please, pass me another scone....I need a little treat!

Rain for tomorrow though so at least some of this will
melt and with a little luck the forecast for more is snow
is just a cruel joke! Ha! Ha!
I am joining Between Naps on the Porch  for
Tablescape Thursday.

                   Thank you for visiting me and for all your kind words 
      on my last post.


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