Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Harry P. Leu Gardens

                                                                       Hello everyone,
                                                 It seems like quite awhile ago now since we
                                                visited the Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando
                                                Florida but  I realized that I hadn't shared my
                                               photos of it.
                                                     We really enjoyed taking in the beauty of
                                                    the gardens on a beautiful sunny day.
                                               However, the house was lovely to see as well.
                                               Pictures were allowed but no flash so I took a
                                              few quick shots as there were several others
                                              doing the tour at the same time.

                                                         How about this for a colorful old
                                                         fashioned bath?
                                          They must have known I was coming
                                          so they set up a tea table for Andrew & I.!!!

                                                   It was a beautiful home set in 50 acres of
                                                   botanical bliss.

                                                      I think this is an old fashioned iPod! Ha! Ha!

                                                                    The Rose Garden.

                                                           I have the perfect spot in our garden
                                                           for these apple pickers but alas they
                                                           wouldn't fit in my suitcase!

                                                                 Beautiful roses.
                                                    There is lots more to see so if you are
                                                    in or near Orlando, Florida I think you
                                                     would enjoy a visit.

                                         I forgot to take a photo of the exterior of the house
                                         so I borrowed this one from the internet.

                                                    A beautiful arbor.in Mount Dora.

                               Also in Mount Dora at the Lakeside Inn where we stayed
                                           ~ it was beautiful to watch the sunset from these chairs.


Hope you are having a good week and 
Thank you for visiting!


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