Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Gift for You!

                                                  It is a wintry white day here on the Island as we
                                                  received over 20 cm of snow here causing
                                                 all schools to cancel for the day. It is early
                                                 for a snow day but I know some kiddo's who
                                                 were happy for a day off!
                                                   These photos were taken in our little
                                                   conservatory a few years ago on a day similar
                                                   to this one.
                                                    Anyway, grab a cup of tea or coffee
                                                and enjoy a look through a free online
                                                 Christmas ,magazine that I am featured
                                                 in along with some pretty talented bloggers.
                         I was pleasantly surprised to get an email a few months
                                   ago from Kerryanne ~ the editor of the online magazines
                                   Simply Shabblicious. You can visit her on her blog
                                  Shabby Art Boutique or her facebook.
                                   Kerryanne asked me if I would be a contributor to her
                                   new Christmas Simply Shabblicious magazine so I
                                    happily said yes!

                                     So as a gift to you, you can view the whole magazine
                                    on line by clicking on the link below.
Simply Shabbilicious Magazine… the Christmas issue - Shabby Art Boutique

I love the cover ~ don't you!

 I hope you enjoy !

Also,  I would like to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends ~ here in Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving in Oct.


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