Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Touch of French Country

                                                   I have been making a few changes in
                                                   our library/dining room. I think I mentioned
                                                   that I was making over some curtains that
                                                   I love from the thrift shop.They were really
                                                   wide so I cut them into smaller panels for
                                                   our windows.I also, moved the antique desk
                                                   to this window as well.The toile lamp is a
                                                   perfect match with the curtains.
                                             I found these beautiful french toile pillows as well.

                                                   This little cabinet/dresser was just moved from
                                                    the other side where the desk was ~it gives a little
                                                    more space for the chairs..
                                                         After all that moving and sewing
                                                         it is time for tea!

I am still tweaking this room as the
mantel isn't working for me and I
need to tidy my bookshelves a little.
Also, it is due for a paint job soon.
We use this small round table for  a
     romantic dinner with the wood fireplace
crackling but when we have our family
dinners this small table is replaced with
a long folding one see it here or here.
                                                 It was such a beautiful sunny winter day
                                                           here today with just a perfect amount of
                                                           sparkly white snow ~ quite a change from last
                                                           winter when it seemed to snow everyday.

                                                            Well,that's it for my French Country touches so far
                                                             but I will show you the finished project later.

                                                                                     Thanks for visiting!

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