Thursday, January 15, 2015

Brown & White Transferware

                                                        When we were down in Maine I
                                                        bought some beautiful old transferware
                                                        pieces and one of them was this old
                                                       brown and white transferware soup tureen.
                                                       It has a few cracks in it but I pictured it
                                                       with hyacinths etc. blooming in it so it
                                                       came home with me.

                                                          Roses and hyacinths in transferware.
                                                          I love that little hint of spring with
                                                          hyacinths blooming indoors.

                                                         This tureen is larger then the one I just bought
                                                         and the old platter was one I had for a few years.

                                         I guess you noticed by now that I love transferware
                                                   in all shapes ,sizes and colors so whenever I see one
                                                   for a good price I happily grab it.

                                                       If you would like to see some of my display in
                                                     a cupboard just click here.

                                                      Today, is my husbands birthday so it is party
                                                      time here tonight as our family is coming for supper.

                                                                          Thank you for visiting!


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