Friday, September 20, 2013

Red & White Transferware in the Kitchen

                                                           Hello everyone,
              I hope your week went well.We have had some beautiful sunny days this week so I spent some time taking some photos. Since our garden is well past it's prime I seem to be moving back indoors a bit more. I loved seeing the sun shining into the kitchen and though you might enjoy seeing some red and white touches in the kitchen as well as my red and white transferware.
                        I know I shared some photos of the bay area last week but another view can't hurt.
                      Our home was built about 95 years ago and the hardwood floors are original.The cupboards
                      are not-they were built about 8 years ago
          Peeking inside the cupboards at my collection of red and white transferware that I have been           collecting over the past several years and are a mix of patterns both new and old.


                                                      Vista platters by Mason.

                               Some of the red and white willow china in this cupboard is very old and belonged
                            to my husbands great aunt.I was thrilled to have it given to me by my sister in law.                          
                              Covered bowls are hard to find here so this was a lucky find.

       Hope you enjoyed a peek into my cupboards today.
 Tomorrow, I am off early in the morning for our 70 mile yardsale with over 150 vendors covering a distance
 of ...... well 70 miles! There will be lots of shoppers and the weather looks very promising. I am packing a picnic lunch and taking my camera too. Now if you see any red and white transferware........don't touch it!!!!! Ha! Ha!

Hope you have a fun weekend!


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